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RingyDingyDingy: Welcome

Lightweight remote ring and lock app for Android

RingyDingyDingy is a lightweight app for Android devices (phones and tablets) that lets you make your device ring, even if it’s on silent or vibrate only, remotely lock it, and more. You can also use the pager functionality to let your friends and family send you urgent messages that will make your device ring whether or not it’s on silent or vibrate only.

RingyDingyDingy primarily is activated by sending specially formatted text messages to your phone, but you can also activate it through Google Voice if you have Google’s official Google Voice app installed on your device, which lets RingyDingyDingy work on tablets as well as phones.

The specially formatted text messages consist of rdd, followed by your unique activation code, followed by the command you wish to run. For example, if your activation code is 459753 to make your device ring, you text rdd 459753 ring to it.

If you lose your phone and don’t want your sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands, you can also lock your device remotely with the lock command. Please note, however, that remote locking requires Android 2.2 (Froyo), because previous versions of Android don’t have any way for apps to lock your device. Additionally, remote locking is not enabled by default, because it requires you to confirm an extra “Device Administrator” permission. If you want to use remote locking, please make sure to go to RingyDingyDingy’s Settings and turn it on once RingyDingyDingy is installed.

If you encounter any bugs with RingyDingyDingy, please file an issue on GitHub (but please first check to see if the issue has already been reported) as we can’t reply to reviews left on Google Play, and so we won’t be able to help fix the problem! If you don’t have a GitHub account, you can also e-mail us at (replace with dingy; this is an anti-spam measure).